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Julia played her namesake Julia in two series of “The Refuge” written by Sue Townsend and Carole Hayman for Yorkshire Television.

Julia Hills in The Refuge 2

It was a situation comedy set in a flat owned by Dee Dee (played by Lou Wakefield), a feminist radical radio reporter, who gave refuge in her home to various misfits and outcasts with, inevitably, comic consequences.

Julia was Dee Dee’s old school friend and flat mate who was the complete opposite to Dee Dee and great fun to play!

The Refuge


The Refuge

She was a high flying lawyer and art connoisseur who was bigoted, prejudiced, selfish and spoilt, and an extreme example of a successful Yuppy of the 1980s.

Julia Hills in The Refuge

The combination of the two characters was, of course, a recipe for disaster, and the chaos only got worse once Julia’s mother (played by Caroline Blakiston) arrived seeking refuge herself and unexpectedly moved in.







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