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Julia first appeared in The Archers in 1995, as the lawyer who prosecuted the racist thugs who had attacked Usha. She subsequently played the registrar who married Sid and Jolene, and an environmental health officer who caught Eddie Grundy flouting the law yet again.

In September 2007 she appeared as Scarlett Del Monte, the burlesque dancer whose missing snake caused such ructions at Grey Gables.

These one-off appearances were replaced by a regular part in November 2007 when Matt Crawford grew unwisely attracted to his legal adviser and business associate, Annabelle Shrivener.

Since then, Annabelle has disentangled herself from Matt and his underhand dealings (and prison record) and has made herself invaluable to Brian Aldred as his legal advisor and ally (most of the time) on the Board of Borchester Land.


The Archers

A sharp and clever solicitor who seems to be married to her job, Annabelle is a driven and determined woman who became very competitive in her marathon run training programme, but was impressed by her rival Usha’s act of charity in helping her over the finishing line.

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