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Saturday Night Fry was a six-part comedy series on BBC Radio 4 first broadcast between the 30th of April and the 4th of June 1988.

Episode One had previously been broadcast as a pilot on 19 December 1987, under the title 'Fry on Saturday'.

Hosted by Stephen Fry and accompanied each week by a selection of guests including Julia, Jim Broadbent, Emma Thompson and long time collaborator Hugh Laurie — the show took the form of a round table discussion and sketches which veered tangentially from the sublime to the ridiculous. Parodies of television and radio formats were common ('Fat Man On A Bicycle', and so on).

Controversial satirist Chris Morris has praised the show on many occasions, in particular for its observations on the media. Many say its influence can be felt in ‘On The Hour’ and other such programmes.

Although slightly different in format, the series could be seen as a direct precursor to ‘A Bit of Fry and Laurie’, the 1989 television series (piloted in 1987), which employed a very similar style of humour and wordplay (indeed, it invented the language Strom, which gave birth to the farewell phrase "Soupy twist", and also gave rise to the phrase "Mr. Music, will you play?").

Saturday Night Fry

The signature tune opening each episode was "Saturday Night Fish Fry" by Louis Jordan. This would always be preceded by a rather convoluted introduction from Fry.

The series was released on a triple compact disc set by BBC Audio in June 2009.


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