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In 1986, Julia starred alongside Carol Royle and Julia Swift in a Thames TV series called “Ladies in Charge”.

Julia Hills with Julian Glover

It was based on the organisation “Universal Aunts” which was set up after the First World War by young women returning from the Front with a new sense of independence and self confidence, and a desire to make themselves useful in civilian life.

Ladies in Charge

Many of these girls had been trained as ambulance drivers and nurses, and their experience of war had changed their horizons and values. Many had lost loved ones and fiancées in the trenches and so their dreams of marriage and having a family were shattered; they returned home with a desire to continue to work and to be of value to others.

Julia Hills & Imelda Staunton

“Universal Aunts” was an agency which hired out educated and respectable women to help others on a short term basis, and the variety of the jobs that they offered proved to be a perfect starting point for a television series that saw the three intrepid “Ladies in Charge” dealing with a very different storyline every week.

Ladies in Charge

The all female team of writers Fay Weldon, Paula Milne, Julia Jones and Anne Valery were inspired to write intriguing and innovative scripts set in the early post war years:

TV Times Cover

Ladies in Cjarge


Zoe's Fever
writer Fay Weldon.

Where the 'Ladies in Charge' trio are asked to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of a young mother. Is she dead or has she simply run away? Eager to please, the redoubtable trio begin their first investigation. 

Dangerous Prelude
writer Paula Milne.

The girls take an interest in the affairs of Edward Cane, a successful novelist visiting London with his sister to employ a housekeeper. There are certain stipulations, however: she must be young, unmarried and of a high moral standard. Vicky discovers why.

A Public Mischief
writer Anne Valery.

Diana and her friends look for evidence to explain the strange goings on surrounding Madame Morgan - a medium who reputedly hears voices from the grave. Is she for real - or just a fraud?

The Shadow
writer Julia Jones.

When Florence Potter, obsessed with the idea that a mysterious 'shadow' is following her, seeks the girls' help, Diana sets out to uncover the prowler's identity.

Double Act
writer Julia Jones.

Julia starred as Babs. Dealing with an odd request from a music hall ventriloquist Cosmo Keble and his dummy. It appears that Cosmo has a very unusual predicament.

Ladies in Charge

All That Glitters
writer Anne Valery.

The reward for finding a set of Imperial family jewels and one aristocratic nephew, who is held responsible for their loss - is one sparkling diamond- Can the girls resist challenge and intrigue of a Czarist family squabble?





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