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Julia’s professional relationship with “2 Point 4 Children” script writer and creator Andrew Marshall developed further when he wrote another situation comedy as a vehicle for George Cole and Kevin McNally, and then invited Julia to join the cast as the long suffering Beryl.

Cast from Dad

The series was called “Dad” and it ran alongside “2 Point 4 Children” on BBC 1 for 13 episodes including a Christmas Special during the late 1990s.


Described by the BBC as a 'generation-gap comedy', it starred George Cole as Brian Hook, Kevin McNally as his son Alan Hook, Julia as Alan’s wife Beryl Hook and Toby Ross-Bryant as his son Vincent Hook.


Andrew and the Director Marcus Mortimer were concerned that Julia should not look anything like her other role as Rona, and, as she didn’t have time to grow her hair between filming both the series, she wore a wig as Beryl!




Most of the episodes involved Alan getting frustrated by situations caused by his strained relationship with both his father and his son, and feeling excluded from their mischievous affection for each other.

Julia’s role as the only woman in the family was one of peacemaker and negotiator; she was the voice of reason within the domestic war zone.

Series One comprised of six episodes and was first aired from 25 September to 30 October, 1997 on Thursdays at 8.30pm. The episodes were entitled (in order of their airing): 'Dadism'; 'Dadmestic'; 'Dadcipline'; 'Habadadery'; 'Dadcoholic', and 'Holidad'.


Series Two also comprised of six episodes and was first aired from 11 January to 15 February 1999, but this time on Mondays at 8.30pm. The episodes were entitled (in order of their airing): 'Transcendadtal'; 'Dadmocracy'; 'Reprodadtion'; 'Securidad'; 'Dad's Arsenal' and 'Dad Calm'.

Dad Calm

The final episode was a Christmas Special entitled “Nemesis” starring Stephen Tompkinson as Alan’s inevitably over successful school friend Barry and Rolf Harris...playing himself! It broke with the tradition of punning on 'Dad' for the title, because the original title of "Feliz Navidad" was thought to be too obscure by the BBC.





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